Qigong classes

Hello my name is Alexander Baginskie. I am a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor that has been growing and teaching for many years. I studied with a Grandmaster who learned what he knew from various masters that came from China. I have received two gold medals in Tai Chi and have taught Qigong all around the U.S. teaching from homeless people to the elderly and even my daughter enjoys this work. I am passionate about helping others on their journey as I have had my own ups and downs on this beautiful walk of life.

3 levels of qigong classes:


Level 1:

-3 chi awakening 

-Joint lubrication 

-Basic 8 sections


Level 2:

-3 chi awakening

-Joint lubrication 

-8 sections with healing sounds and visualized light


Level 3:

-3 chi awakening

-Repatterning exercises

-Purification qigong

-Massage qigong

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Special Cost -$30/class or $99 for the month

To reserve your spot please call or email Bhavna Srivastava