call for donations to help ukraine

We are looking to purchase and send these items / supplies / essentials to send out help to the people affected in Ukraine. If you want to send us these items we are only accepting newly bought / purchased items. No used things will be accepted.
- Sleeping Bags
- Blankets
- Sanitary Supplies
- Food donations (Canned foods)
- Water 

For information for drop off location and more details on how you can support us please call Bhavna for details.

You can support us by donating money instead on our PayPal or GoFundMe account so we can directly send the supplies to the container of the organization we are working with in Poland. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Please help us in our mission to support and save people and their lives with basic necessities. Every dollar counts!

www.savingpeople.org | Facebook
+1 (774) 242 2112 (Cell)
+1 (508) 970 5620 (Office)

For monetary donations, please send by using the QR code to scan in PayPal or click the corresponding buttons below for either PayPal or GoFundMe

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