Meet Bhavna

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She is a Philanthropist, Transformational Speaker, best selling author of two books, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Master healer & Teacher of healers, Workshop facilitator, & Offers spiritual retreats all over the world. Bhavna, the creator of a New healing Modality called Bhavna's Golden Light. She offers programs related to Stress Reduction in your life for- emotional/ physical/spiritual and provide balance,peace & love in your mind ,body, heart one on one, group classes, webinars, workshops, meditations or retreats. Her focus is making all your relationships in your life better & transforming your life to create a ripple affect of it in the community.

Free once a month support group for all kinds of Cancer, She focuses on providing individual and couples Reiki services. She uses many different kinds of Reiki & other healing modalities to do her energy healing work. Specializes in providing relief from work, home, relationship, health related issues & stress, women's issues, Spiritual Evolution and Women Empowerment.

Offering corporations Employee Benefit program for Stress Reduction & more.
She offers workshops to understand your emotions and learn to deal with them being Positive & how to be feel Loving, Peaceful, happy & Joyful. .

Teaches classes for Reiki Level 1, 2, Advance Reiki, Finding your Spirit.
Goal - Looking for all Alternative Therapists and Healers to connect together for the better well being of the World Today. She is the founder of Bhavna's Wellness Group since 2007 creating ripples of Love & Peace in the hearts of people & their relationships.

Specialties: An MBA with Baking and finance and background of literature and Science makes her understand all the components and connects her to understand the Natural healing of the body and combining it with the conventional medical treatments. A factual unique style of teaching Reiki to people. She has 19 years of Experience as a Reiki Master Teacher with many different kinds of Reiki.